When you've got to go, GO!

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posted by Rustom Irani Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:05 pm
When you've got to go, GO!

Travel is a great leveler and probably tests both the disabled and able-bodied alike. One huge challenge is finding a decent washroom and for us wheelchair users, one that you can at least enter.

In an emergency when you face tummy trouble or otherwise and need to go number two, imagine not being even able to enter.

A majority of wheelchair users therefore wear adult diapers. However, I don't use one and am extremely particular about my food and water intake. Still calls of nature might suddenly spring up and if it's the dreaded bowel movement you have to figure out workarounds.

a) 'Piku' it! I travel with my own commode wheelchair, even on road trips and since our public washrooms on highways have no accessibility, the throne comes in handy. Open the car doors, park between them, do the deed and clean up. Cover the mess with earth.

b) In inaccessible hotel commode emergencies, a piece of tough cardboard folded and taped together turns into a transfer board. Or raise your commode chair height in case the room toilet is tall.

c) Buckets, half-filled with water, same principle as commode. It works, no smells, not messy, at all. Flush it all away once done. Rinse with shower.

d) Baby wipes and large spray bottles like the ones found in salons are your good friends here.

Answering nature's call is the most basic of activities and even for the disabled dignity, hygiene and access are musts. Till solutions abound universally hope these tips help. Share yours folks!

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