A sling and more!

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posted by shamanoorani Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:35 pm
A sling and more!

If you are lucky enough to source a transfer sling, don't let it go out of your sight when you travel!
I make certain that I place it over the seat of my power chair before I leave for the airport, this ensures that I don't forget it! :-)
I used to dread flying out of any Indian airport because I had to be loaded and offloaded 4 times before I actually boarded the aircraft. As I like to take my chair right up to the aircraft door, I have to get the chair signed off as secure after it is x rayed. I used to have to deal with the pain of being wrongly carried many times if the loader wasn't trained, (this is something I have experienced even in the U.K. believe it or not).
But ever since I got a transfer sling made I have no apprehension or fears, as I know that all I need is 3 strong men to lift me on and off, without dislodging me :P
I have also used my transfer sling to get off low beds and most recently to enter a houseboat! All in all a sling and more!

The First one on the top left hand is somewhat like mine. https://www.google.co.in/search?q=transfer+sling&dcr=0&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=UpebbXwPAc21OM%253A%252CYeCwfzHHD7Tu7M%252C_&usg=__zGaSr3ead42fiNxyRHBBCpJJVgw%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjv6crFu8vYAhVJvY8KHQ2kCiQQ9QEIODAC#imgrc=UpebbXwPAc21OM:

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