Helping Hand.

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posted by shamanoorani Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:13 am
Helping Hand.

Hi everyone!

I have been a wheelchair user since the age of 19, and have come across many aids to help me do things which I find hard to do from a seated position.

I came across the 'Helping hand' over 10 years ago whilst living in the U.K. Basically the Helping hand is a great asset to have to assist with something you want to pick up something dropped or placed on high areas.

Dropping a raw egg on the floor must be the most messiest of things to wipe up from the floor for most people, but a #CanDo if you can get down on your haunches and clear up the mess as an able bodied person would do. But trying to do the same seated on a wheelchair is another ball game altogether, as I figured out when I was faced with this predicament. One part of me wanted to sit there and cry tears of frustration, but I knew that wouldn't magically clear up the mess, so started a process of elimination of what the best route was to clear up the mess before my kitchen began to stink of egg!

All of a sudden my eyes rested on the helping hand hanging on the wall and had a eureka moment! I galvanised into action, throwing down lots of kitchen paper on top of the fast spreading gooey mess, using the Helping hand to pick up the soggy papers and dropping them into the dustbin. Once the last bits were safely in the bin I threw some water on the floor along with a floor cleaning liquid and used the Helping hand to mop up the floor as well!!

Looking forward to more discussions on this topic :D


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posted by shamanoorani Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:16 am
Helping Hand.

Here is a link to help those who have not seen a Helping hand before :-) ... 1438338219

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