Kerala God's own country,

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posted by shamanoorani Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:26 am
Kerala God's own country,

Kerala is indeed God’s own country, are words that kept popping into my mind every place I traveled to in Kerala. My first stop from Kochi was Munnar, and every kilometre was a breathtaking feast for my eyes, so much so that I barely reacted to the winding bendy roads and bumps!

I commented that the enormous ‘hills' looked very much like the northern Himalayas, whicht brought forth the knowledge that the Himalayas exist on the Western Ghats too! The untouched beauty, the perfume of eucalyptus trees, the picture-perfect lakes, serene waterfalls, towering mountains covered in conifers transported me back to my trip to the Himalayas; Mother Nature in all her glory, brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. The only thing missing was snow on the peaks, but I wasn’t complaining!

I visited the Tea Museum, which houses a small tea factory. From the tea production unit we went into a room filled with artefacts going back to the 19th century, which were used in the tea factory. The tour ended with a film recreating the full history of tea production in Munnar. I came back not only loaded with different types of teas, but also as an expert on tea production, really happy that everything was accessible.

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