Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Browse through our FAQs,and you'll get answers to questions such as 'How do I help my

disabled child?', 'How do I know about a specific disability?', and lots more!


What is Firefly World?
Firefly World aims to bring two facets of our society together, the able-bodied and the disabled. This is a community where you can share your experiences so that both communities benefit from each other. Join us and be part of a host of discussion forums where you can talk about your disability, travel and so much more, without the fear of being judged.

What kind of disabilities does Firefly World cater to?
Firefly World is open to people with all kinds of disabilities, from wheelchair users to the deaf and the blind. We aim to bring the disabled and the able-bodied together to bridge the gap between the two communities.

Do I have to register on Firefly World to join the community?
Yes. The idea is to get involved, read, contribute, comment and actively participate. For that to happen, you need to join the community.

Will information about me be kept confidential?
Yes, if you wish not to publish who you are or what you are asking for, information will certainly be kept confidential.

Can I volunteer my time to help the disabled?
We will be required to assess your skill set and the amount of time you will be able to put in. You can go to the Contact Us section and get in touch.